Freight also needs real-name system, real-name system and inspection system will be fully implemente

Issuing time:2019-11-21 00:00

Like real-name delivery, real-name delivery will also be introduced in road freight. From July 1, the real-name system and inspection system for freight acceptance will be fully implemented, and consignments will not be accepted if the shipper does not provide legal identity documents.

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Safety Management of Road LTL Goods Acceptance Links" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), formulated a catalogue of prohibited items for road LTL freight, issued industry standards for operating services, and accelerated implementation. The real-name system of receiving goods in the delivery of goods promotes the safe and healthy development of the logistics industry.

通知 The "Notice" requires that the public security organs, in conjunction with the competent transportation department, formulate a catalogue of prohibited goods for road less-than-truckload transportation and make it publicly available, and urge road freight companies to strictly prevent and control the items included in the catalogue. Road freight companies need to accelerate the implementation of the real-name system of goods delivery. The consignee specified in the consignment note must be based on a valid and valid identity document before the delivery. The enterprise should retain the information of the consignment note and the consignee for more than 18 months in preparation Inquire. Road freight companies and freight station (field) operating companies should gradually explore the establishment of an inspection and inspection mode that combines manual inspection and spot inspection of equipment to accelerate the tracking of goods throughout the process and real-time inquiry.

According to a staff member of a transportation management department in Zhejiang, the real-name system adheres to the principle of "who receives the goods and who registers". The relevant freight operators must check the consignments and find suspicious items. They should open the inspections and report the prohibited items in time. To the public security organs.

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