Do you understand the opening, cut-off, weight cut-off and order cut-off in sea transportation?

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People who take the sea will often encounter these terms: opening, cut-off, cut-off weight, cut-off...

These nouns seem "face blindness", but how can we tell the difference in practice?


Please look down!


      CY OPEN means open extraction of empty containers. Usually, the time obtained by ETD minus 7 days (including ETD day) is the opening

time. If the hatch is opened on January 1, the ship sails on January 7.

      Only after the shipping company opens the container, there will be no delay in the container fee, generally do not give orders before opening

the container. Shipping companies generally have a 7-day free container period, some ports will have a 9-day free container period. In the peak

season, if you want to open the tank before the container, need to apply to the shipping company.

Customs Release Vouch/Slip Cut Off

      Also known as the cut-off release slip, the cabinet must be cleared before the cut-off, and the release slip submitted. If the customs release,

but the release slip is not handed in before the customs cut-off, this is not the true sense of release, the cabinet is not allowed to ship. Under

normal circumstances, the ship owner is 2 days before the ship, such as ETD; January 7, the cut-off is usually January 5.


      It can also be understood as the dock yard "closed." The container has to be returned to the port before the weight is cut. If it is later than

this time, apply to the shipping company in advance for late cut-off, and the shipping company will approve the corresponding late cut-off time

according to the current shipment plan. In general, the cut-off time is earlier than the cut-off time.

SI Cut Off Time

     The time of closing and replenishing the bill of lading is the latest time for the consignor to submit to the shipping company the materials

required for making the bill of lading. Be sure to submit the complete information to the shipping company before this time, otherwise there

may be a late cut-off fee, and even may affect the boarding of the cabinet. The order cut-off time can apply for late cut-off time with the shipping

company. If conditions permit, the shipping company will give the corresponding late cut-off time. Under normal circumstances, the cut-off

time is 5 days before the ship leaves, such as ETD; January 7, the closing date is usually January 3.

All the above times are subject to the relevant regulations of the shipping company

To sum up

CY OPEN、Cust Release Vouch/Slip Cut Off、CY CLOSING、SI Cut off Time and

ETD,The time relationship of the five is roughly like this:


2023-1-1 00:00 (按ETD减7天,包括ETD当天)

SI Cut Off Time:

2023-1-3 13:00 (截提单样本通常比截关和截重早两天)

THE Closing Time:

2023-1-5 12:00 (截重和截关时间通常是差不多的,也有可能相差半天或几个小时)

SI Cut Off Time:

2023-1-5 17:00(截关和截重一般比ETD早1-2天)


2023-1-7 02:00 estimated time of departure 开船

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