New species to express! Uber car delivery

Issuing time:2019-11-21 00:00

On June 10, Uber, the world ’s largest mobile car company, announced that the externally developed interface (API) of UberRush (third-party express service) has ended the testing period and will be open to all companies and developers.

In related mobile software, service providers can directly integrate Uber's courier service, and Uber drivers can not only "pull people", but also "deliver". On September 25 last year, when Didi executives accepted an exclusive interview with executives of Modern Logistics News (WeChat: cn156news), they said that they would not rule out entering the express delivery and logistics markets in the future.

How does Uber Rush play crowdsourcing?

① Uber's crowdsourcing delivery service: In April 2014, Uber officially launched the crowdsourcing delivery service Uber RUSH. Uber Rush, which provides delivery services by manpower or bicycle in the Manhattan area of New York, can usually arrive within one hour, depending on the distance Near and far, the cost is between $ 15 and $ 30.

To put it simply, if you are within the five areas designated by Uber, you can call the courier like you use Uber to call a car. Uber's driver-called Messenger here-will pick up and deliver to you. s position.

Unlike Uber's past service, Messenger is not a driver. They may ride a bicycle or walk. Users can see the estimated arrival time of Messenger pickups on Uber, and they can check where their items are moving at any time. As of October 2015, the service has covered three cities in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

② Consumers use Uber for express delivery: the specific method of use is like calling a car-open Uber software and select UberRush, locate or mark a pickup location for yourself, Uber tells you how long the "messenger" will come to pick up, and then You can see the movement of items based on Uber software.

However, Uber pointed out that because the "messenger" may be walking or cycling, the estimated arrival time may not be accurate; if the "messenger" takes the subway without a signal, it will also affect the estimated arrival time or the tracking of the location of the item.



Uber Rush delivers courier and takeaway, and also ...

①New expansion of Uber logistics: On January 29, 2016, Uber opened UberRUSH API to third-party merchants in order to further expand this service. This means that the courier service is becoming standardized, and external companies, especially service providers with APPs, can directly purchase Uber's courier service by using this interface to achieve the purpose of fast delivery of goods and products.

In this way, other retailers or external logistics companies can directly use UberRUSH's express service by adding a few lines of code to their products.

At present, there are many merchant apps that integrate Uber's courier services, such as Pythagoras, a pizza delivery service software, Dryv, a dry-cleaning service tool, and Ando and Mealmade, food delivery services, and Up Sponder. .

② Uber's ambition is to compete with Google and others: Uber's move highlights its ambition. It not only hopes to occupy a dominant position in the field of people's travel, but also wants to have a place in the express delivery industry.

Many U.S. retailers use third-party courier services, such as Amazon and Google's courier services, and Uber has now joined the competition in this market.

Dare to fight for food giants like FedEx

① Fighting for food from FedEx: According to the CEO of Uber, Uber hopes to build part of an "urban logistics network" plan in urban areas covered by UberRush and the ordering service UberEats. At the same time, Uber said that the plan intends to recruit more than 200,000 driver teams to participate in the city's parcel delivery service.

This way, Uber can indeed take some orders from FedEx. But UberRush started a courier service with a smartphone as the carrier, focusing on small, fast, same-day delivery. And this is only a small part of the FedEx business.

Uber express drivers go from location A to location B in the same city. The service scope is limited to a smaller geographical area, and more suitable only for delivery of items such as flowers, Starbucks, takeaway, or a book from Amazon. It is more difficult to threaten FedEx with a huge logistics center and an efficient and fast center radial logistics network.

Admittedly, the disruption of UberRush is unlikely to kill the traditional logistics giant or cause any substantial impact in the short term, but its express service is undoubtedly subversive.

②Compared with domestic express delivery: At present, the development foundation of domestic traditional express delivery is relatively stable. The momentum of SF and Tongda is relatively fierce. Since the wind of the sharing economy has spread around the world, crowdsourced logistics businesses such as Uber's express delivery business have long emerged.

As far as JD is concerned, JD crowdsourcing and tough back-office are an insurmountable obstacle to Uber's express business expansion. Although Uber takes the sharing economy model such as special cars as the entry point, and intends to explore a broader service model and business sector concept that is in line with the development of the times, in terms of the current development situation of the express delivery industry, it needs to make full use of its own advantages To make effective solutions to the problems of new business, break through bottlenecks and leverage the express market.

Ye Yun, Didi's director of public relations: the future will involve logistics

① Didi puts words: the future or get involved in logistics: On September 25, 2015, when he interviewed Ye Yun, the director of Didi Public Relations of Hyundai Logistics News, he told this reporter that "it is difficult for us to set an upper limit for ourselves, at least for now. , I hope to comprehensively cover the various scenarios and various needs encountered in the field of travel, and it will not be excluded in the future to involve logistics, express delivery, and even more services. "

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